The Full Massage Bundle
The Full Massage Bundle
The Full Massage Bundle
The Full Massage Bundle
The Full Massage Bundle

The Full Massage Bundle

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Bundle the complete Zlaant myofascial tool range (ZlaantShark + ZlaantBolt + ZlaantOrb) for comprehensive coverage, and to experience the full benefits of massage.



Loosen up those tired calves using our versatile myofascial release tool.

  • Glide smoothly over muscles for a deep-tissue massage to flush out the "waste products" of exercise and improve blood supply of restorative oxygen and nutrients, using the Rounded Edge

  • Dig in and release trigger points with the Thumb

  • Breakdown scar tissue and preserve tissue mobility with the Bladed Edge
  • Don't forget get into the nitty gritting with the shark Teeth


Specifically designed for your feet, roll away post-run discomfort and promote healthy foot function with our plantar fascia roller.

  • Improve foot blood circulation to improve the healing response

  • Reduce foot and ankle swelling and inflammation

  • Protect your foot health - support your foot arch and foot flexibility and strength

  • Avoid conditions like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia


A compact recovery tool crafted from sustainable cork, its feather-light weight and tennis ball-sized shape helps target trigger points and alleviate muscle tension, aiding recovery while on the go.

  • Penetrate deeply into muscles and fascia thanks to the corks density, effectively breaking up adhesions and releasing tightness.

  • Massage hard to reach areas such as the piriformis and glutes.

  • Improve blood circulation and tissue flexibility


All Zlaant products come with free access to recovery and prevention protocols, challenges  and product tutorials via the ZlaantApp- Your recovery companion! Available on both Android and iOS devices.

Treat yourself to the ultimate post-run recovery experience and get back out there faster than ever feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

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