Do I have De Quervains?


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Know your Injury

Did you know that before a repetitive-strain-type condition such as De Quervain’s occurs, your soft tissue (tendons) gets 'SICK'. This means that it does not perform and recover like normal, healthy tissue. When recovering from injuries, or preventing them, it's important to understand the pathological process and how it develops.


Non-surgical rehabilitation of injuries is often not a one-time fix, but a long-term commitment to managing the injury while continuing the exercise associated with the pain or degradation. For De Quervain’s, scientifically proven rehabilitative activities include:

Prevent & Perform

Prehabilitation involves specialised exercise and conditioning programs targeting areas vulnerable to injury within a specific sport. By aiding optimal biomechanics it can improve both resilience and athletic performance. For De Quervain’s this can include;

Products for De Quervains

ZlaantBar - Resistance Flexbar for the Wrist & ElbowR 795.00

Elevate your fitness journey with the ZlaantBar, a meticulously crafted exercise tool designed to enhance your grip strength, forearm function, and upper extremity stability. Wh...

Sprints for De Quervains

R 50.00

A daily strength and mobility circuit to aid in the recovery and prevention of De Quervains. Our sprints are low-intensity uni-lateral (single-legged) exercise circuits of less than 15 minutes, that address mobility, strength and biomechanical deficiencies associated with De Quervains.


The Zlaant App

Many products, tools and support systems are available to us when we are fit and healthy but, when injured, we are often 'left out on a limb'. We designed the ZlaantApp to motivate and support the Zlaanter through their injury recovery and prevention journey so that they can perform at their peak!

  • 150+ exercise tutorials
  • Comprehensive programs
  • Expert tips and advice
  • Strava integration
  • Smart watch integration
  • Rehab and prehab protocols
  • Specialist coach channels
  • Practitioner channels
  • Sport club and event channels
  • Community chat rooms
  • Challenges and rewards
  • Live classes