Welcome to Zlaant

Effective, targeted solutions for the recovery
and prevention of sports injuries.

By inspiring simple, consistent habits we help active
individuals to get back out there!


The Zlaant App

Many products, tools and support systems are available to us when we are fit and healthy but, when injured, we are often 'left out on a limb'. We designed the ZlaantApp to motivate and support the Zlaanter through their injury recovery and prevention journey so that they can perform at their peak!

  • 150+ exercise tutorials
  • Comprehensive programs
  • Expert tips and advice
  • Strava integration
  • Smart watch integration
  • Rehab and prehab protocols
  • Specialist coach channels
  • Practitioner channels
  • Sport club and event channels
  • Community chat rooms
  • Challenges and rewards
  • Live classes

Address biomechanical deficiencies

Targeted, daily exercises can assist in the recovery
and prevention of injuries

Why Zlaant

Empowering your active lifestyle, supporting your longevity

Zlaant is dedicated to supporting life-long exercise and well-being by providing effective, research-backed solutions that make prehab and rehab exercise easier, more effective, and accessible to everyone. Discover how Zlaant can help you prolong your active lifestyle, achieve your fitness goals, and protect your health.



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