ZlaantBoard - Recover, Prevent, Perform

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We are committed to building an eco-conscious brand & have used sustainably forested wood with environmentally friendly sealants

A globally unique product that serves as both an incline/decline surface and balance board, the Zlaantboard offers targeted strengthening, flexibility, and neuromuscular conditioning. The ideal fitness companion, whether you're recovering from an injury, enhancing your athletic performance, or simply looking to maintain your physical well-being.

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  • Asymmetrical Rocker: Graded curve, for natural movement at the ankle through a range of strength, mobility and proprioceptive exercises. Assist with improving balance, control, and movement efficiency.
  • 21 Degree Slant: Chosen specifically as the ideal angle for various functional rehabilitative exercises, based on research.
  • 4x Attachment Sites for Resistance Tube: By hooking the ZlaantBandit or any other resistance tube into one of 4x attachment sites you can add resistance to your rock, assist with balance or unlock upper limb exercises, available on the ZlaantApp!
  • Take it anywhere: Lightweight, portable design so that you never miss a Zlaant session.
  • Sustainably sourced: Made from high quality, sustainably forested birch wood and sealed with water-based, environmentally-friendly, varnish.

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The Zlaant App

Many products, tools and support systems are available to us when we are fit and healthy but, when injured, we are often 'left out on a limb'. We designed the ZlaantApp to motivate and support the Zlaanter through their injury recovery and prevention journey so that they can perform at their peak!

  • 150+ exercise tutorials
  • Comprehensive programs
  • Expert tips and advice
  • Strava integration
  • Smart watch integration
  • Rehab and prehab protocols
  • Specialist coach channels
  • Practitioner channels
  • Sport club and event channels
  • Community chat rooms
  • Challenges and rewards
  • Live classes