The ZlaantBoard, ZlaantBandit and ZlaantBar
The ZlaantBandit and ZlaantBoard displayed in their "carry" compatibility - This describes the Bandit neatly attached in a way that allows the Board to be carried in a briefcase fashion.
A Lifestyle photo of the ZlaantBoard in a public space
Photo of the ZlaantBar, showcasing it's utility across multiple sports - climbing, racket sports, cycling, and golf.
A photo describing the benefits of the ZlaantBoard and ZlaantBandit. General benefits, and how they can address biomechanical deficiencies from the ankle to the hip.
A photo describing the benefits of the ZlaantBar. General benefits, and site specific benefits from fingers to elbow.

The BBB Bundle

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Our comprehensive physical recovery and exercise prevention bundle of the ZlaantBoard + ZlaantBandit + ZlaantBar, is perfect for addressing biomechanical deficiencies, targeted strength training, neuromuscular conditioning, and safeguarding functional mobility - from your ankle to your wrist.

Take a stand against injuries and conquer your fitness goals with Zlaant.

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