Don't push through Achilles pain!

Don't push through Achilles pain!

Achilles Tendonitis, or tendinopathy is an overuse condition resulting in pain and inflammation in the tendon joining your calf muscles to your heel and is very common in athletes such as joggers and jumpers who are subjected to repetitive strain.

The condition can affect anyone and is more likely to occur with sudden increases in workload, frequency and intensity or abnormal ankle and foot mobility, strength and proprioceptive function.

Your Achilles tendon has a poor blood supply, so recovery is slower than usual. What may seem as a sudden injury or tear has most likely occurred over a long period of overuse and subtle repetitive strain, which causes minor tears, gradually resulting in loss of mobility, strength and proprioceptive function.


Don't push through pain! Dial it back, rest and recover, rehab and progress gradually back to activity. 

If you search google for rehab exercises related to Achilles Tendinitis, you will find most evidence points to eccentric heel drops. Why wait until you have pain to start? Consistent, controlled, daily exercises can protect the active lifestyle that you value so much!

The ZlaantBoard Circuit (included in the box) follows a dynamic, yet simple, daily exercise routine that focuses on quality of movement as well as strength and mobility, through a range of proprioceptive exercises that target the lower kinematic chain.

Together, the ZlaantBoard and Circuit can help you naturally combat common repetitive strain injuries (such as Achilles Tendinitis) through regular, daily use.

Do you have Achilles Tendinitis?

We've put together a 3 Step Self-Examination Quiz to help you figure out if you might have Achilles Tendinitis.

If you believe you’re suffering from Achilles Tendinitis but have not yet received a formal diagnosis, we advise that you visit your chiropractor or healthcare practitioner to confirm your condition and rule out any more serious conditions that may be contributing to your symptoms.