Bulletproof your ankles- Proprioception

Bulletproof your ankles- Proprioception

Proprioception is your body’s ability to know where it is in space. Try closing your eyes and wiggling your fingers in front of you. You have a good idea of where your finger tips are in space because each joint in the kinematic chain from your finger tips to your shoulder is communicating and relaying information about its current position.

The same applies to the rest of your body and specifically your foot and ankle in the lower kinematic chain. There are millions of nerve endings all talking to each other and relaying information about the ground surface you are walking/running on, while your body adjusts accordingly as one.
It is believed that a major cause of your recurring ankle sprains (Chronic instability) is due to a proprioceptive deficit.

That makes sense!

We know that proprioceptive function is impaired with injury, inflammation and lack of use during recovery. If you don’t re-train that function, then you won’t know where your foot is and you will be far more likely to catch it on that tree root and far less likely to stabilize when that wobbly rock gives way… Right?

Of course, there are many other factors like muscle imbalances, ligament laxity/weakness and faulty movement patterns but the most ignored factor is often proprioception.

Research shows that proprioception training prevents ankle inversion sprains and improves overall function of the lower limb. We suggest incorporating balance and proprioceptive training into every workout as part of your warm up and warm down routine.

Catherine Priday, SA gymnast and Zlaant Coach, has put together a simple pre/post run workout that is designed to focus on proprioceptive elements and help prevent injury during your run by stimulating/switching on first!

This routine was demonstrated at our first trail running workshop last month. View full video on youtube, and follow Zlaant on Instagram for more content like this: @zlaantboard.

Trail running workshops at The Chiropractic Health Centre

On Friday, 4th September, we hosted our first trail running workshop at the Chiropractic Health Centre in Claremont.

The participants consisted of 10 beginner female athletes, some of which have set their sights on running the Addo Elephant Trail run in March next year so we have landed on the name and social media hashtag: 
These 2-day workshops are set for the first week of every month leading up to the Addo run in March 2021!
The day started with an introduction to running biomechanics, body awareness and foot placement on the trail with Dr. Brad Beira- Sports Chiropractor and Ultra-trail-runner.
This was followed by an hour of yoga and mindfulness meditation with our in-house guru, Jeannie Holmes, before the guys from Sweatshop came in to chat gear.
After a short tea break, we got straight into a proprioceptive ZlaantBoard Routine put together by Catherine Priday, focusing on the importance of switching on and switching off for injury prevention and performance pre/post run .
The next morning, the runners went out for a 3-hour, guided trail in Muizenberg with Nick Rupanga and Brad during which they were provided their race fuel snacks by Cape Epic winner- Hannele Steyn @passion4wholeness
If you enjoy trail running and would like to join in the fun next month or perhaps you want to run the Addo Elephant Trail, feel free to send us an email or message via social media! All levels of runner are welcome to join and the workshops are free of charge!