Hannele Steyn

National Colors in Biathlon, Triathlon, Duathlon, Mountain and Road Cycling
World Triathlete- 1994; Mountain Biker of the Year- 2003; Cape Epic Winner- 2005
This training device has put my strengthening exercises on a different level!

After spraining my ankle, I started using the ZlaantBoard because Dr Jesse told me that athletes, trail runners and rugby players had experienced so much success with rehab and recovery.

I am now kind of addicted to my board and the new challenges it has given me. The reason for this, is that i am finding the uneven rocker activates my weaker muscles in ways that i wasn't achieving with other exercise tools.

I believe this will give me an edge on my opponents.

Thank you Zlaant for believing in me,
Hannele Steyn, #LastLioness
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